We partner with credit unions.

Credit unions are struggling to attract and retain younger members. We are here to help change that by providing an app that makes personal finance social and fun.


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Gen Z

The next generation of banking customers.

Generational wealth transfer

"60% of Credit Union members’ children choose to bank at a different institution."

Expect better digital offerings

Gen Z expects a great digital experience that is social and fun. Ensure your credit union stays relevant and addresses these needs.

Lifelong customers

Attracting and retaining Gen Z is the key to future growth for Credit Unions.


Some questions we've been getting.

Do credit unions need to integrate their systems with Navi in order to use it?

No. Our product requires zero integration.

How does pricing work?

Credit unions pay us a monthly fee per user so that their members can use the app for free!

How do you connect to member's bank accounts?

Our partnership with Flinks allows users to safely link their bank accounts to the meetNavi app.

What is your data security policy?

Security is our number one priority. We have partnered with cybersecurity firms to ensure our security meets the high standards required by financial institutions.